Digital Signature Certificate and Its Different Usage

Digital signature certificate is a highly secured tool especially designed for making safe and secure online transaction and digital signing. There are three types of DSCs i.e. Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT Digital Signature Certificate currently issued by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) recognized Certifying Authorities (CAs) in India. In addition, an individual or the signatory authority of a business entity is issued the digital signature certificate for various purposes. Here are some of the important usages of this highly secured and authentic online transaction and digital documentation tool.

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate1. E-Tendering:

Today, almost every e-tendering websites have made the use of Digital Signature Certificate for E Tendering. An individual user and the company user can obtain the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate from a recognized CAs to participate in the e-tendering process.

2. E-Ticketing:

IRCTC agents should obtain Class 3 A Digital Signature Certificate to book railway tickets in bulk using the agents’ login on the official website of IRCTC. The use of Class 3 digital signature ensures the safety and security of transaction.

3. ITR e-Filing

An income tax payee file his/her return on the official website of Income Tax Department using the Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. Earlier, filing income tax return was not easy as the entire procedure used to be completed physically. A long queue and lengthy paper work was an additional headache. Hence, the government started online facility for e-filing through the digital signature certificate. Now, income tax return can be easily filed.

4. Export and Import Licenses

At the present time, export and import (EXIM) organizations are require using DGFT Digital Signature Certificate issued by the CCA recognized CAs in order to obtain the licenses and making any communication with the web portal o Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

These are the few important usages of Digital Signature Certificate. For more information regarding DSC, you can visit our official website:


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